Strong earthquake at 6.27 hours, magnitude 5.2

 5.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Croatia, Reports Say


This is the second strong earthquake to shake the Balkans this year. A magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit at least one person, injured dozens, destroyed several buildings in Zagreb, and left part of the capital without electricity.

Strong Earthquake:

strong earthquake at 6.27 hours shook central Croatia, and as reported by the EMSC, its strength was 5.2.

The epicenter is 51 kilometers southeast of Zagreb, right next to Strašnik near Petrinja, at a depth of 5 kilometers.

The quake was felt in almost all of central Croatia, lasting longer than the one on March 22 this year. Interestingly, the one was at 6.24 am, and this one three minutes later.

Strong earthquake at 6.27 hours, magnitude 5.2, epicenter near Petrinj

DARKO DUMBOVIĆ, the mayor of Petrinja, said that there was earthquake damage in the city.

“We were hit by a strong earthquake, I never experienced this. I don’t know if there are any victims, there are material damages “, said Dumbović for H1.

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EMSC reports:

EMSC reports that this strong earthquake was followed by three more mild, two magnitudes 1.8 and one magnitude 1.7 degrees, whose epicenter is in the same area, from 40 to 55 km southeast of Zagreb.

PHOTO: Emsc twitter


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